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Background checks & referencing

Background checks & due diligence 

Simple & effective employee background checks combining identity validation, online research & database searches.

Who we are

We are a team of research and security professionals, with expertise in people risk. We take information quality seriously and provide the highest level of employee background checks and due diligence.

We combine identity validation, online research and database searches for enhanced insight and understanding.

Our process is non-intrusive and easy, with simplicity and fast turnaround for all. We put privacy and respect of personal data first.

We use the latest methods to ensure decisions can be made with confidence and accuracy. Our solutions are tailored to each organisation, ensuring we help match the right person to the right role.

Who & What

Employment screening

Comprehensive checks for new team members, with identity validation and human led research.

Due diligence

People centric, thorough reports on senior hires or organisations - matching specific requirements. 

What we do

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