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Open source research

Gain increased confidence in people decisions

Now a common part of formal screening processes, employers and partners look to online research and social media activity prior to making a decision. Important aspects of an individual’s appropriateness and risk for a role is easily found online, and is often visible to many others.


In addition to the data provided by standard checks, our specialist analysts carry out multifaceted, robust and appropriate investigative open source research to ensure that you are building trusted relationships from the get go.

Online presence is an important factor to assist in further verifying identity and background

What to look out for:


  • CV corroboration

  • Reputational risk

  • Inappropriate behaviour

  • Illegal activity

  • Discrimination or racism  

  • Derogatory or confidential posts 

Legal and unbiased research


It is illegal to discriminate in hiring - gender, age, race, religion, sexuality and life stage for example can’t influence your decision. Even if you have consent to formally look at social media, employers and landlords must proceed with utmost caution.

Research we conduct is fair, measured and respectful of privacyA complete picture requires objective analysis from all sources to ensure that you are fully prepared when engaging with someone you don’t know. Our reports and advice provide a fact based and unbiased way to do this.

We believe that you should feel safe and informed when making new partnerships that matter. At Context Checks, we conduct robust and thorough pre-employment screening and due diligence - mitigating risk.


Our checks are designed to match the right person to the right job. We understand the uniqueness of each business and the importance of employing the correct person. 


With a good knowledge of your applicants you can make decisions on who to hire and how they might fit in so that you can move forward with confidence and trust.

Security & data privacy

Respecting personal data and privacy is a priority.

We have worked hard to achieve an all-round appropriate, thoughtful and proportionate offering, with robust policies and measures. 

Quick & easy process

Simplicity & fast turnaround for all. 

Expert analysts who combine data integrity & quality with flexibility. 

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