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Due diligence

In depth analysis 


Businesses of all shapes and size are exposed to serious risk from both mistakes and malicious intent, so it’s imperative that the modern business takes due diligence seriously.


Our team of experienced intelligence, investigation and security professionals provide specialised due diligence reports, following strong analytical frameworks.


We are clear, thorough and outcome driven, delivering specific and relevant information to help make informed decisions on people and organisations.


Our work is tailored to match any requirement and ensure maximum safety and minimal risk when extra due diligence is needed.

Example content:


  • Open source research

  • Background corroboration 

  • Online footprint assessment 

  • Data breaches

  • Social media activity 

  • Domain ownership 

  • Business interests / structure

  • Associations of interest

Organisation due diligence

In addition to people, we conduct due diligence investigations on organisations prior to acquisition, merger, partnership or otherwise.


Our reports include basic information such as addresses, sites and key individuals but also extend to structure, compliance, legal and financials.


Open source and online footprint analysis includes exposure, search engine trends, articles, forums, blogs, archives and social media activity such as interactions, accounts and a general overview.


We perform site and staff vulnerability assessments where company assets, IP and security measures are exposed, plus can also offer passive scanning and an initial cyber risk analysis.


Finally, we wrap all of our reports with trends, market analysis and a general observations overview.

We believe that you should feel safe and informed when making new partnerships that matter. At Context Checks, we conduct robust and thorough pre-employment screening and due diligence - mitigating risk.


Our checks are designed to match the right person to the right job. We understand the uniqueness of each business and the importance of employing the correct person. 


With a good knowledge of your applicants you can make decisions on who to hire and how they might fit in so that you can move forward with confidence and trust.

Security & data privacy

Respecting personal data and privacy is a priority.

We have worked hard to achieve an all-round appropriate, thoughtful and proportionate offering, with robust policies and measures. 

Quick & easy process

Simplicity & fast turnaround for all. 

Expert analysts who combine data integrity & quality with flexibility. 

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