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Identity & address validation

Protect against fraud and maintain right to work compliance

Over the past ten years, there have been record-setting levels of identity fraud. Knowing who you are hiring matters - in addition to Right to Work compliance it helps counter the insider threat.

As part of our identity and address validation service, we assist companies in their Right to Work obligations.

We use advanced facial and document recognition technology to confidently check validity, meaning less risk and quicker background checks.

Our ID verification checks:


  • Biometrics

  • Machine-readable zone  

  • Image metadata  

  • Hologram

  • Issue year and referencing

  • Pixel manipulation

  • Facial recognition

The latest technology 


Identity is validated using facial recognition, a selfie is captured and a biometric comparison is made against the photo ID.

The process is secure, quick and straightforward for both employees and employers.

All major government issue ID documents accepted


Passport      Driving licence      National Identity Card      Visas      National Residence permit

We believe that you should feel safe and informed when making new partnerships that matter. At Context Checks, we conduct robust and thorough pre-employment screening and due diligence - mitigating risk.


Our checks are designed to match the right person to the right job. We understand the uniqueness of each business and the importance of employing the correct person. 


With a good knowledge of your applicants you can make decisions on who to hire and how they might fit in so that you can move forward with confidence and trust.

Security & data privacy

Respecting personal data and privacy is a priority.

We have worked hard to achieve an all-round appropriate, thoughtful and proportionate offering, with robust policies and measures. 

Quick & easy process

Simplicity & fast turnaround for all. 

Expert analysts who combine data integrity & quality with flexibility. 

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