Candidate information

What happens during the background check?

The employer or recruiter asks us to conduct a background check. A welcome email is sent to the candidate with instructions. As a first step we require basic information and consent for us to complete the screening, submitting the results to the employer. The process will only start once active and informed consent has been provided by the candidate. After details have been submitted, a link is sent out to the candidate to proceed with the identity validation request. It’s quick and easy to complete. The identity validation process allows us to assist in Right to Work checks and contribute to a safer working environment. In addition to verifying identity it allows us to ensure details provided for our subsequent background searches are correct and up-to-date. We then conduct multi-layered checks and corroboration, including online research and routine database searches - aiming to confirm background and identity. The final report is only shared with the employer and we delete it after 72 hours, keeping a record of the check for audit purposes. We do not conduct repeat checks. Data is only processed for the purpose of the background check.

Anything else...

Please do get in touch here.

What will I need?

We cover everything in the welcome email which includes detailed process FAQs. Please ensure you have in-date supporting documentation and information required.

Can I see my report?

Please contact your employer or recruiter to request a copy of your background check. We delete reports after 72 hours.

What is being checked?

We tailor screening to organisations to ensure relevance, accuracy and fairness - ask your employer to find out exactly what information they need and what your screening will involve.